X2 Extreme 7 Froze

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X2 Extreme 7 Froze

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Dear all
I am using X2 Extreme 7 with MIRI PLC on Modbus communication. Two times, HMI is getting rebooted itself and frozen before application loaded, as image below. Then, I need turn off the HMI and, seconds later turn on it and works correctly.
What could be the problem?

Awaiting your reply

HMI froze.jpg
HMI froze.jpg (78.39 KiB) Viewed 5610 times

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Russ C.
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Re: X2 Extreme 7 Froze

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It looks like you're on an older version of the firmware, can you try updating the latest firmware using the "Recovery SD Card" option?
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Re: X2 Extreme 7 Froze

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I had the same issue, along with the Ethernet port freezing. Updating firmware to the latest version fixed my issues.
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