Loading Firmware to an iX Panel TxA or TxB

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Loading Firmware to an iX Panel TxA or TxB

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Loading Firmware to an iX Panel TxA or TxB
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Download the file IML_TxB_bX or IML_TxA_bX where X is the version number for the firmware. If the file is a .ZIP, unzip the file before opening.

Go to control panel and disable the primary Ethernet card so the PC has only one active Ethernet port.
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Once only one Ethernet port is enabled, make sure it is configured to use a static IP address instead of DHCP.
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Use a cross-over cable to connect directly from the PC to the terminal.

Before starting the program, verify communication with the iX Panel over Ethernet. Use the command line and ping the terminal as shown in the “Ethernet Trouble Shooting” section.

Power off the iX Panel TxA or TxB. Press the touchscreen and apply power. When the screen appears that says “Enter Update Mode?”, touch the screen to enter update mode.

Open the file IML_TxB_bX.exe or IML_TxA_bX.exe and press “Next >”.
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Press “Next >” again.
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If everything was setup correctly before, your terminals MAC address will be displayed as an option the drop down list. Select the MAC address and press “Upgrade >”.
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If you encounter this error message, then make sure you are using a private Ethernet port and a cross-over cable. Restart the program, restart the terminal, verify you can ping the terminal, put the terminal into update mode and try again.
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Wait while the firmware downloads.
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Once finished, cycle the power on the terminal, fix your computers IP address settings and enable any disabled Ethernet ports in control panel on the PC.
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Re: Loading Firmware to an iX Panel TxA or TxB

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