Change Alarm server mode by script

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Change Alarm server mode by script

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I have a project with several terminals, all are the same X2 Pro 10 (its a serial produced machine). For handling alarms we use Alarm server/client function, it works very well. We would like to have exact same project to load in each terminal (it would make life easier 8-) ) and just by parameter tell if this terminal is the Server or Client X (1-9).

Today we must change Server mode = Both (server) or Disabled (clients) before downloading. Anybody know if possible (and how) to change this by script ? Rebooting after change is no problem.

The setting is done only a few times in machine life time.
Other suggestions how to solve this is also welcome :roll:

Thank you.

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Re: Change Alarm server mode by script

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Have you already tried setting this setting to a tag?
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If that doesn't work you could try using this line in scripting:

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Globals.AlarmServer.ServerMode = Neo.ApplicationFramework.Interfaces.AlarmServerMode.Local;
//Disclaimer: Changing the Alarm Server settings using scripting could cause unexpected behavior.
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