2 Alarm groups, 1 Controller. Communication error.

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2 Alarm groups, 1 Controller. Communication error.

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I have to create two different alarm groups. The first one is named ALARM and the second one is named FAULT. These alarm groups have different colors and priority. ALARM is priority 0-2 and FAULT is priority 3. All the alarms are made in PLC and PLC gives the correct priority level to single alarm.

Panel is connected to single controller. Alarms and faults do appear correctly to alarm viewer on panel but the panel keeps showing that there is communication error on controller 1. This error seems to happen every 5 seconds which is the timeout setting to controller but I'm not sure if that is the reason.

I have attached a picture of controller settings. I have tried this with two separate controllers with same ip-address which both have only one alarm group connected each but the communication error appears also then.

What are the settings to make this work?

I am using ABB AC800M Control Network controller.
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Re: 2 Alarm groups, 1 Controller. Communication error.

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Hi Jussi,
There are some gaps here like what panel are you using, what driver is being used and what version of iX is being used...

all of that aside i would recommend using wireshark to capture the traffic to pinpoint what is causing the comm error. Often you can see the response that causes iX to choke.

Also, We often see these nuisance comm faults when there is a data type mismatch so it is worth verifying the data types used throughout the project.
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