No reply from PLC

Discussion of configuring and troubleshooting communication to PLC's or other devices using iX Developer.
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No reply from PLC

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I am working on an E-1043 display (Module EM-Profibus DP) connected to a Simatic S7-300 PLC using the X2 port (DP Profibus).

-I have a error msg on the display (No reply from PLC), and the two
LED (ST , OP) of the card (EM-Profibus DP) is ON, (Attached file ).

-When I scanned the PLC network Profibus DP I see the node of the Module
(EM-Profibus DP), Please see the attached picture.

-When I remove the Profibus cable I have a error msg in the display (no
network connection) ,the ST LED is ON , but the OP LED is OFF.

-I used an address type (M ,DB, I, Q) on the display and the PLC for testing the communication, but the communication it does not work.

-The configuration of the PLC is the following .
Type : DP Profibus .
Adress : 1 .
Transmission Rate : 1.5Mbps .
Highest DP Adress: 126 .

-The configuration of the display Panel is the following .
Adress : 2 .
The Controller 1 is the driver S7 Profibus DP.
The Controller is connected in the port EM-Fielbus.

-I selected download Always for driver S7 Profibus DP.
-The Bus Terminator is ON in the first and last units .
-The first unit in the network is the PLC MASTER .

-Is this the only thing to do or the is something else ?

Best regards.

Sebhi Mohammed
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Re: No reply from PLC

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We understand that this is a very old post. Since the protocols for this have had updates I'd retry the system in a higher version of iX developer. If there is anyone who is still experiencing this or similar issues and require assistance, please visit us at ... ___support or give us call at 801.708.6690. Thank you.
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