Modbus use of preset holding register (function 0x10)

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Modbus use of preset holding register (function 0x10)

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Dear sir,
I use modbus master controller.
I would like to write some UINT16 with function code 0x10.
For example, I would write 5 UINT16:
When I modified the value of each register, each register are sent one by one :
one request per register with function code 0x10. I also tryed to modified the register values by Scripting but same result.
I can use UINT 32 to send two registers but how can I do to writemore than 2 registers.

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Re: Modbus use of preset holding register (function 0x10)

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You can force code 0x10 using this option in the Modbus Master Settings.
Modbus Master-force-code0x10.png
Modbus Master-force-code0x10.png (16.12 KiB) Viewed 4851 times
Please note: Writing INT32 automatically forces 0x10.
Modbus Master RTU_ASCII-force-0x10-help-file.png
Modbus Master RTU_ASCII-force-0x10-help-file.png (74.86 KiB) Viewed 4851 times
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