Database csv file viewer

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Database csv file viewer

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I am doing a data log to a local drive on PC in csv format.
Do you have a simple data log viewer so i can view the data trend on another PC.

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Re: Database csv file viewer

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We don't have a stand along application for this, but a simple data log viewer project could be created in iX Developer and run in the PC Runtime.

To do this, you would need a list of all the tags from original project's data logger(s), and create a PC runtime project with a data logger and trend viewer in history mode with all the same tags as the original.
Then you could use the Database Backup action within the original project to get a copy of the database with the data logger data to a USB. Plug that USB into the PC with the Runtime project and use the Restore Database action from the PC Runtime project, to import that data into the PC Runtime project.
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