[question]iX HMI database

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[question]iX HMI database

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Dear All

I'm very new to iX HMI and would like to seek expert advice on below. Thanks in advanced.

I received an inquiry to use iX HMI as SCADA system that connecting to a PLC. At the same time, I need to build a Dashboard on Cloud (AWS).
Could I check how iX HMI log the data? In what format of the data logging/database? SQL or equivalent? How is possible to synchronize local database to Cloud?

Another concern is PLC sampling rate is set to 1sec. Does iX HMI has any limitation on data logging?

Last but not least, I saw a similar product called WEBfactory. Comparing these 2 products, which one is more suitable for my application?

Sorry for many questions asked. I browsing Beijer website but not many details info were shared.

Once again, Thank you :D

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Re: [question]iX HMI database

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Hi EngFei,

Our HMIs can be a great cog in any SCADA system. Because we work with so many different manufactures we tend to be a pretty good aggregation point.

As far as the internal DataLogging, our HMIs use SQLite. We can pass data to another SQL server but it requires a piece of software to act as an intermediary for us called SQL Proxy

The database can be queried via script or via report and can be uploaded as a CSV or .DB file to multiple storage locations.

As far as cloud connectivity goes i would look into Acirro+ or if you want to go to your own cloud solution on AWS i would see if MQTT is a good fit for you. We have used standalone MQTT libraries many times to interact with third party brokers on a cloud service.

The exception to this would be PC runtime or a panel PC which has other dotnet frameworks we can leverage to interact directly with the SQL server.

Our HMIs can sample up to 100ms and the BoX2 devices can sample as fast as 25ms.

We no longer work with webfactory so we may not be the best resource to comment on its strengths and weaknesses.
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Re: [question]iX HMI database

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is there any actual instructions on how to use this SQL Proxy? the one page pdf doesnt really explain anything at all

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