Component name = Tag name

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Component name = Tag name

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I'm fairly new to iX Developer and have a question.

If I have a component, say a valve, that is connected to a Tag. How can I show the Tag Name below the component on the screen?

Is it possible without using a text label? If not, is it possible to make a combined component with a valve and a text field?

I would like to have the screen name change whenever I change the tag name, so that we don't end up forgetting to change the text field when we change tag name.


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Re: Component name = Tag name

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We understand that this is a very old post. It is not possible to show the tag name without a text field for images such as valves. That being said you can select multiple objects and right click on them to group them. If there is anyone who has trouble grouping objects or similar issues and require assistance, please visit us at ... ___support or give us call at 801.708.6690. Thank you.
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Re: Component name = Tag name

Post by prichlin »

Hello Bergshav,
If you follow Jason V.'s suggestion, you can add a text box below the valve component, select both the valve and the text box, and group them together. Then what might be helpful for you would be to add them to your Component Library so you have a single custom built component you can drag into your projects as needed.

Adding components or groups to the Component Library will also include Tag information on the items in the group. I'm not sure what your goals are with the text box but you could, for example, assign a control Tag to Visibility so you can see it in design time but not in run time. Then every time you create a new instance of your custom component, it will already have that configured for you.

Hope this helps!

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