Beijer x2 21 Pro Screen Flicker

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Beijer x2 21 Pro Screen Flicker

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Hello -

I have an interesting hardware issue with a Beijer x2 21 pro panel. The panel is in an enclosure with 1 other identical Beijer panel. Both panels are powered from the same 5A 24VDC power supply, and only 1 panel has had this issue, to date.

I've attached a short video of the issue occurring. I've also confirmed that the voltage to the panel was 23.52V at the time the video was taken.

The panel also has a serial communication module installed - a cIX DP profibus module.

I was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior with their panel before, and what the fix was.


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Re: Beijer x2 21 Pro Screen Flicker

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This is an older post, and the video didn't seem to get attached.

But you may try updating the firmware if you haven't already.
It also possible it could be hardware related, so if you haven't already, reach out to us at support using the Contact Us page, and we can create a CRO for this panel.
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