iX T7E Brightness Problem

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iX T7E Brightness Problem

Post by automatix »

i have an iX T7E model.
I have created a slider to control system tag "Brightness Level"
The problem is that bellow 60% of brightness level the screen doesn't lower the brightness.I tried to set the brightness level to 0%.Brightness again was similar with 60%.I downloaded firmware upgrade from your support site but release notes of firmware say nothing about fix of brightness level.I need the brightness to lower up to 10% .Can you please help me out with some way?
Thank you.

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iX T7E Brightness Problem

Post by FannieVor »

or one adress line from the mmu is broken or not connected... 9 is needed for 512k to work, 10 for 2mb. But how in a way that the bank is recognised as 2mb, yet with 512kb working?

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