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by johnkat
Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:04 am
Forum: Controller Communication
Topic: BACnet Client Station Error
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BACnet Client Station Error

Hello, I am using a X2 Base 7 to read data from a BACnet scada system. I have done multiple tests and if I add up to 12 tags everything works fine. However when I add 1 more tag (13 total) an error appears (picture). It is important to mention that the error is irrelevant to the tag. Because if I tr...
by johnkat
Thu Apr 30, 2020 2:12 am
Forum: Application Development
Topic: Uploading project to X2 Base7 via FTP
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Uploading project to X2 Base7 via FTP


Is there a way to use the embeded FTP server to upload a project to a X2 Base 7 panel, or any other way to upload a project remotely (except from IX Developer)

Thank you
by johnkat
Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:44 am
Forum: Tags
Topic: Adding Tags using C#
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Adding Tags using C#


1) For my application I need a way to be able to insert tags using the C# scripting enviroment

2)Is it possible to read an OPC UA server directly from the C# scripting environment?

Thank you